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We are the true Russian freight specialists

We specialize in global multimodal shipments to and from Russia. Our team is highly versed in allRussian policies, procedures, and trade secrets.

Our knowledge is not only global but also local

Coot Freight Ltd. works with companies across the globe, but our real selling point lies in ourin-depth knowledge of the local Russian market and local know-how. Before going global, you mustunderstand local.

You are more than a client. You are family

We are a team of dedicated professionals offering a friendly and personalized service. All of ouroperations are 100% professional, and you will always be treated with a personal attitude and warmsmile.

Land, air, or sea transportation to worldwide destinations

This is where the beautiful coot bird comes in to play. We made the coot our company’s mascot toserve as a symbol of swiftness, agility, resilience, and strategy – each of which our companyembodies on land, air, and sea.

Meet Coot Freight Ltd.
From our team to yours, welcome.
Coot Freight Ltd. is a privately-owned international freight forwarding company offering professional transportation services to worldwide destinations by land, air, and sea.

The co-founders of Coot Freight Ltd. spent years working in the freight transportation industry, building their expertise by learning as much as possible through various freight forwarders and gaining hands-on, in-depth industry experience. The duo eventually grew tired of working for other companies and decided to take their knowledge to the next level and begin an entrepreneurial journey. Thus, Coot Freight Ltd. was born in 2011, starting out in a London office before quickly expanding to a second office in Rotterdam by 2016. Now, in 2020, Coot Freight is taking the freight forwarding industry by storm and carving out a leadership role in the Russian market.
Coot Freight Ltd. was founded on the idea of freight forwarding made simple, personable, flexible, and fast, and our mission is to be a one-stop-shop for freight and customs clearance requirements to Russia. Since our company is small, we can grow long-lasting partnerships with our clients and provide custom freight transportation solutions – unlike our competition. Working with Coot Freight Ltd. is like gaining an extra friend who is swift, efficient, and reliable. Other companies are the jack of all trades and master of none, but we are the sea-freight & Russian specialist. As the water-fowl mascot of our company implies, our specialty is transportation by sea. There is no body of water too far or too wide that could prevent Coot Freight Ltd. from safely delivering your goods. We also specialize in global multimodal shipments to and from the exciting country of Russia.


Fulica atra, is all-black, medium-sized water bird, member of the rail family Rallidae.


The Coot has a distinctive white beak and ‘shield’ above the beak which earns it the title ‘bald’. Coots are territorial, but sociable birds, often seen feeding together in flocks on ponds.

What they eat.

Coots are omnivorous, they dive below the surface, to depths of up to two metres, searching insect larvae and other food.


Sea Freight

Our sea freight shipping services are not only affordable but extremely reliable. Just ask our most loyal clients. We handle both import and export, full container loads (FCL), and less container loads (LCL).

We have offices in both London and Rotterdam, both areas serving as a haven for sea travel (aswell as land and air). From mighty oceans to traversing tricky rivers, Coot Freight Ltd. has done itall.

Here is a peek at what our worldwide sea freight capabilities include:

• Standard 20/40ft dry vans, 45ft pallet wide high cube containers
• Specialized equipment such as 20/40ft open tops and flat racks
• Tank containers
• Abnormal loads
• Hazardous goods handling
• Temperature-controlled goods (reefer containers)
• Personal effects
• Full container load and less than container load movements
• Conventional and out of gauge loads
• Intraport forwarding at all major Russian ports
• Cleared and bonded goods deliveries
• Cargo insurance

Coot Freight Ltd. is a privately-owned, small freight forwarding company. As a result, we are very flexible, innovative, easy to reach, and friendly. We don’t just offer basic, cookie-cutter sea freight packages. As with all of our shipping services, we go to lengths to please our clients that bigger companies can’t (or won’t) do.

Land Freight

Coot Freight Ltd. can move anything from a pallet (groupage) to a full load (FTL). We deal with variouscommodity groups, such as general cargo, oversized cargo, or abnormal loads . Our company is also equipped with a wide range of vehicles to navigate any terrain.

Here is a quick overview of what our worldwide land freight capabilities include:

• Full and part trailer loads
• Weekly groupage service
• Deliveries to all major Russian inland customs terminals (including distant Russia)
• Trailer movements by sea (via St Petersburg with further on-carriage to the consignee)
• Service coverage includes the countries of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
• Tilt trailers, mega trailers, box trailers, refrigerated trailers
• Dangerous goods handling
• Low loaders and out of gauge movements
• Consolidation and distribution services
• Storage and warehousing facilities

Our land freight services provide complete coverage to and from various areas all across Europe and beyond. If needed, we also offer lashing and securing services for abnormal loads.Coot Freight Ltd. is a multimodal, privately-owned, small freight forwarding company that operates around the globe. As a result, we are extremely flexible, innovative, easy to reach, and friendly. We don’t just offer run of the mill land freight services. As with all of our shipping services, we go to lengths to please our clients that other larger companies can’t (or won’t) do.

Air Freight

Coot Freight Ltd. is proud to be a professional freight forwarder who contributes to that impressive number.We move freight from destination to destination by air year-round, no matter the season. Our team does everything they can to make sure you receive quality service that ensures your cargo will be delivered by air safely, quickly, and affordably. We make use of both commercial and chartered air freight services to serve the globe.

Here is a quick look at what our worldwide air freight capabilities consist of:

• Temperature-controlled goods
• Hazardous cargo
• Consolidation and delivery
• Time-defined services
• Personal effects
• Door-Door
• Heavy lift equipment

Coot Freight Ltd. is a small, privately-owned freight forwarding company. As a result, we are always flexible, innovative, easy to reach, and friendly. We don’t just offer one size fits all package services. As with all of our freight forwarding options (land, air, or sea), we go to lengths to please our clients that bigger companies can’t (or won’t) do.

There’s a reason why our company mascot is a bird. Work with us and you’ll experience the Coot Freight Ltd. swiftness in action.

Ancillary Services

CootFreight Ltd. is a small team of highly-skilled individuals that have been in the industry for decades. By partnering with us, you will gain expert trade advice, industry secrets, and support in Russia.

We are here to help in any way we can.

Here is a peek at what our specialty ancillary services include:

• Import and export clearance at major customs terminals in Russia
• Warehousing, fulfilment, storage, consolidation, and distribution
• Full documentation support for DAP/DDP shipments
• Logistics audits including customs clearance advice
• Import/export procedures assistance
• Short and long-term industry consultancy
• Professional business development guidance
• Certificates of origins and letters of credit
• FIATA house Bill of Landing
• Marine insurance

As a value-added option, we offer pallet management and fulfilment as well as surveyor services. We are a privately-owned, small freight forwarding company. As a result, our team is close-knit, and we are very flexible, innovative, easy to reach, and friendly. We don’t just offer standard, run of the mill ancillary services. As with any of our services at Coot Freight Ltd., we go to lengths to please our clients that larger companies can’t (or won’t) do.
We offer cargo transportation services to worldwide destinations. Our expertise lies in the Russian market, but our track record for success spans the globe. No matter if you need cargo shipped from Russia to the UK or from the UK to Benelux, Coot Freight Ltd. has you covered. Think of us as your favorite global freight forwarder.
Our primary markets include: • The UK
• Benelux
• Continental Europe
• Russia
• Stan countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.
• Baltic states
Coot Freight Ltd. aims to link the UK and Benelux with Russia and VV by providing excellent destination to destination shipping services. We also do cross-trade movements and have an exhaustive network of agents located around the globe, so you can rest peacefully knowing your shipment is in good hands. We promise to move across land, air, or sea like the coot bird: quickly, strategically, and skillfully. Partner with a global forwarding company you can rely on no matter your destination.
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Russian Market

7.1 billion tons of international and domestic freight was transported throughout Russia in 2016. What will that number be by 2030?
While our success is extended to all corners of the globe, our specialty lies in the Russian market; freight services to and from Russia are what we do best. Having worked in St. Petersburg port and accumulated special knowledge about the Russian market, we are very familiar with all the fine details around local processes and procedures in Russia. Coot Freight Ltd. offers transportation services to and from Russia that other larger freight companies cannot compete with. Quite simply, we are the Russian specialist.


Coot Freight Ltd. offers professional and reliable door-door shipping for our Russian clients. Door-door makes transporting your goods easier, affordable, and streamlined. We guarantee that your goods will be carefully picked up from your desired start location and safely transported to the end location you determine.

Additional Freight Services

In addition to Door-Door shipping, we also offer a wide range of services to fit all of your Russian cargo needs.

• Customs clearance
• Trade advice, including full documentation support (i.e., certification and paperwork) that is required by Russian authorities
• Dangerous goods declarations
• Full logistics audit (i.e., best mode of transport, routing, customs point in Russia, etc.)
• Bonded haulage in Russia
• Intraport forwarding and container pick-up and deliveries
• Rail services-containerized and wagons
• Professional handling of all types of cargo (i.e., imports, exports, temperature controlled, hazardous, etc.)
• Warehousing and reloading
• Supply of one-way containers
• Multimodal shipments to and from Russia
• Surveyor services

Coot Freight Ltd. serves not only the European areas of Russia but also the hinterland and difficult to reach areas, such as Port of Dudinka or anything beyond the Ural Mountains. The beautiful coot bird can travel the land, air, and water with ease, swiftness, and grace; so can we.

Coot Freight Ltd. is your friendly, professional, go-to Russian freight forwarder. We never let you down.
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